Health, Fitness & Nutrition

Health Services

  • Alzheimer Support Group: A support group, that meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm at NRFRC.
  • Blood Collection Services: Blood collection every second Tuesday 8:30-10:00am for $10.00. Also home visits for $25 available by calling Coleen Hall at 902-624-0406.
  • Nurse Practitioner: Nancy MacDonald will see her own patients, at the NRFRC once a month. Call 902-275-4414 to book your appointment.
  • PAP Clinic: Once a year nurse practitioner Nancy MacDonald will hold a pap clinic here at the centre. Call the Resource Centre to book your appointment or for more information.

Fitness Programs

  • Adult Fitness Classes: Classes will be available throughout the year as advertised in the flyer.

Nutrition Programs

  • About the Food and Nutrition Program:  The NRFRC runs various programs, from cooking groups and prenatal classes to working with programs and organizations in the community.The purpose of the Food and Nutrition program is to help support healthy families in New Ross, through enjoying healthy foods, good nutrition and a food secure community.   We do this by running programs, through policies, and helping to build a community more supportive of healthy eating!  The NRFRC partners with community organizations and groups and with the New Ross Consolidated School and Day Care to support food, cooking and nutrition programs and projects.
  • Cooking with Children: Children of all ages are involved in growing, harvesting and preparing food throughout Resource Centre programs. Afterschool Cooking is offered 1-2 times per year, in partnership with the New Ross Consolidated School. Cooking programs are included at Day Camps.
  • Community Kitchens:  Families get together and cook large batches of food.  They each take home enough for four meals.  This is a great way to spark children’s interest in cooking, learn new recipes, save money, and leave with four meals all ready to go, while having fun! These are in partnership with the New Ross Community Food Project, and Chester Municipality.
  • Food Workshops:  Workshops are offered throughout the year. They include cooking, canning and preserving foods.  These are often in partnership with the New Ross Community Food Project, and Chester Municipality.
  • Gardening: The NRFRC helps with the school garden, Day Care and Centre’s raised beds. Children plan, plant, care for and harvest veggies. School garden produce goes to day camps and the Bulk Buying Club in the summer, and to the school cafeteria during the school year.Bulk Buying Club: 

    The NRFRC helps a group of families run a Bulk Buying Club based at the Ross Farm Museum. The Club’s 10 to 15 Members each get fresh veggie boxes, saving them 50% or more off the store price! Boxes include local, very fresh, in season produce, and are packaged every two weeks, and monthly in Winter. Members pitch in to run the club, and share produce from their gardens.

    See the Food Project Page for more information on Community Food Security Initiatives

  • New Ross Community Food Project: This is a community driven project, aimed at supporting the New Ross community to get involved in building and strengthening a sustainable food system in the community. There are a variety of ways for you to get involved, including community group meetings once a month. Contact Leanne to find out more.