Food Project

New Ross Community Food Project:  Building Food Security


New Ross Community Food Project is a community driven initiative, aimed at supporting the community of New Ross and surrounding areas to get involved in building and strengthening a sustainable food system in the community.


What’s Happening in New Ross:  There is always a lot happening in the ‘Foodie’ world in New Ross!  Check it out (PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 some of these programs are temporarily put on hold or modified to meet COVID-19 protocol):


  • Edible Landscapes:  The NRFRC is trying to spread the word that Food Grows Everywhere!  Keep your eye open for planters with signs around the community that have free food for you to pick and take home!


  • School Garden:  The NRFRC helps with the school garden at the New Ross Consolidated School.  There are seven raised beds where we grow loads of food or the community and school cafeteria!


  • Community Kitchens:  The NRFRC started a new program where people get together to cook large batches of meals, and take home meals for the whole family!


  • Cooking Programs:  The NRFRC offers a variety of cooking programs, where families and children cook together, learn about nutrition, try new healthy recipes and enjoy healthy foods together.


  • Workshops:  The New Ross Community Food Project and our Partners coordinate various food workshops throughout the year.  Follow our Facebook Book Page to see what’s coming up.


  • New Ross Bulk Buying Club:  The Club’s ten to fifteen Members all pitch in and get a fresh veggie box, saving them 50% or more off the store price!  Boxes emphasize local, very fresh, in season produce, and are packaged every two weeks, and monthly in Winter.  Members also share produce from their gardens within the club.


Project Partners: 


  • Municipality of the District of Chester:  Check out the Recreation Guide for Programs.
  • Ross Farm:  Visit the Ross Farm Facebook Page, for many food related weekend themes. 
  • New Ross Consolidated School
  • New Ross Regional Development Society
  • New Ross Bulk Buying Club
  • New Ross Family Resource Centre 



The Vision:  New Ross is a place where everyone can get all the foods they need for their health and to enjoy it with family and friends.



The New Ross Community Food Project began in 2014, as a community-based initiative to build community food security.  The project began with a Community Food Assessment, which showed that the community has a lot of strengths to build on and opportunities to grow.  The strong farming, gardening and traditional skills were highlighted, along with the desire to work together, learn together and share food knowledge together, along with skills and resources.


From there, in 2015, a community group formed with partners, farmers and community members to work towards building a more food secure community.


How to Get Involved: 

There are a variety of ways to get involved, including community group meetings once a month, joining our e-mail list and Facebook Page.  We welcome new participants, partners and ideas!  Contact Leanne Webb, Registered Dietitian and Food Project Group Chair, at or call 902-689-2414 for more information.


Funding received from the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage for a variety of programs in 2018.